Your Feature

How To Feature Your Council

Once a supplement is booked, we commence preparing copy in the month prior to publication. Councils need to identify 13-15 initiatives or projects to be featured.

The copy is prepared by FOCUS staff, following interviews with appropriate Council staff or elected members.

The draft copy is sent back to Council for approval. Similarly, once a draft layout is prepared this will be emailed as a PDF for approval.

Alternatively, Councils can provide the copy in-house.


Four page supplements for Local Governments cost $8,800 (inc GST). If copy is provided by Council the cost is $6,600 (inc GST)

Councils, Government Departments or Local Government peak bodies can also purchase two page features for $5,500 (inc GST) or a single page for $2750 (inc GST). Copy for a double page or single page feature must be provided by email. Focus staff can assist with subediting if required.

With the four page features, 500 run on copies will be supplied free of charge. Prices for additional copies are available on application.

Email for further information.