Furphy Barbecues now with hand sanitisers*

Furphy Foundry is proud to launch our new range of Furphy Barbecues with Hand Sanitisers which have been produced to promote clean and hygienic public environments.

Made in Australia at the Australian owned Furphy Foundry in Shepparton, Victoria, each Furphy Barbecue has been manufactured under strict quality guidelines based on a commitment developed since 1864.

Furphy Barbecues with Hand Sanitisers provide an acute alignment of food handling areas and community hygiene with 5000 sprays per bottle, refills readily available and easy maintenance – adding to cleaning contract or stand alone servicing.

The integrated Hand Sanitising unit is for all open space users, powered from our Furphy Barbecue power source - no added installation costs along with a robust design for long life use.

Each design has its own set of features, enabling Furphy Barbecues with Hand Sanitisers to be matched with other assets and integrated into public environments.

Why choose Furphy Foundry?
Over the past 157 years, Furphy Foundry has grown from an agricultural implement maker, to a diversified foundry and manufacturing company - specialising in urban design products, street and park furniture and outdoor structures.

With a wide range of original Furphy Foundry designs to choose from – and the ability to modify or create custom solutions – the expert team at Furphy Foundry can help provide the right urban design products for any Australian public environment.

All models delivered fully assembled and ready for use.
Call 1300 768 230 or visit furphyfoundry.com.au for more information.

*Copy supplied by Landmark