Fast-track mediation and de-escalation skills and strategies*

Mediation is widely known as a cost-efficient, confidential, self-determinative process that catalyses problem solving and the resolution of disputes.

What is sometimes forgotten is that mediation often plays a crucial role in maintaining relationships between people by applying an impartial mediator’s inter-personal and problem-solving skillset.

These attributes have propelled the use of mediation into all sectors of Australia’s civil society, averting costly, adversarial and lengthy legal proceedings.

Now more than ever, local government is needing to deliver services and support to individuals and businesses in personal and economic need.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions and lockdowns have created an entirely new category of community and workplace conflict that impedes local government action and hinders day-to-day productivity.

At a time when health restrictions are constantly changing and uncertainty continues, disputes can be more difficult to resolve. The growing number and complexity of these disputes has created an increasing demand for skilled mediators to help the parties resolve their differences.

For most issues a half-day, fast-track mediation session is an efficient way to get the matter resolved and get back to focussing on core business.

The Australian Disputes Centre offers a fast-track mediation service that for just $2,500 keeps you in the driving seat in resolving high conflict situations. In 2021 ‘online’ mediation is now proven to be as effective as ‘in-person’ meetings, making it easy and accessible for all.

Add in capability development, upskilling your team with the strategies and tools to de-escalate conflict, and you put your team in the driving seat to catalyse mutually beneficial agreements long before the conflict turns super toxic.

Pre-emptive, de-escalating and early intervention strategies are the three key skills’ focus areas for building a positive reputation for respectful engagement, responsiveness, fairness and delivering durable solutions.

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*Copy supplied by Australian Disputes Centre