Environmental action for the long term

Article image - Environmental action for the long term Southern Mallee District Councilís first Environmental Action Plan.v

Southern Mallee District Council, South Australia, has adopted its first ever Environmental Action Plan (EAP), taking a proactive approach to protecting and preserving its environmental assets and long- term sustainability.

The four-year plan (2021-2024) is a major step forward and demonstrates a commitment from Council to environmental leadership amongst its rural local government peers.

The plan’s seven focus areas and future plans are clearly aligned with the South Australian Government’s Climate Change Action Plan 2021-2025.

Further, it has been backed by the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board as an innovative and positive strategy, which will provide Council with a clear mandate to plan for better environmental outcomes, and improved access to funding and resources for environmental-focussed programs.

The plan takes a focus on supporting climate smart practices within the business and agricultural sector and the urban and natural environment, while reducing waste and transport emissions.

Southern Mallee District Council Mayor, Jeffrey Nickolls said in addition to the focus areas, Council had identified future actions for consideration over the next decade.

“Implementing significant and proactive changes to the way we do business will be a challenge, and it takes a long-term commitment. I’m proud of what our Council has mapped out within the new Environmental Action Plan.

“Our Council has not only committed to this plan over the next four years, but also mapped out future aspirations, recognising that in order to achieve sustainable outcomes, a long-term approach and continual improvement is key.

“We are one of the first small rural councils in Australia to proactively adopt such a significant environmental plan, and it should be recognised that it was also developed by our internal Council team members, reiterating the talents and skills that we have here in the
Southern Mallee.”