Councils encouraged to drive awareness of tyre export ban*

Tyre Stewardship Australia is asking local councils to watch for illegal dumping, storage or collection of passenger tyres ahead of the Commonwealth’s waste export ban on all whole or baled tyres coming into effect 1 December 2021.

It comes as Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) warned the ban could see unscrupulous operators offering last-minute cheap collections to councils and other organisations involved in the safe disposal of used car tyres ahead of the ban.

TSA Chief Executive Officer, Lina Goodman, said, “The elimination of cheaper waste tyre disposal options through the waste export ban will no doubt lead to increased disposal costs as organisations invest for greater local recovery.

“We are hearing concerns from our network of accredited participants of approaches from operators offering to remove waste tyres cheaply – but their intention may not be aligned with sustainable disposal of end-of-life tyres.

“Left unsupervised, the mismanagement of end-of-life tyres can lead to fire or other human health concerns, not to mention the burden of cost involved with having to clean these sites.

“We’re encouraging councils across Australia to keep an eye out for increased illegal dumping or on-site storage of tyres, as well as new ‘pop-up’ collectors that might emerge ahead of the export ban.”

Ms Goodman also warned organisations that fail to meet regulatory or TSA Scheme requirements could increase collection of tyres in the lead up to the ban.

“These organisations may enter the market for a quick injection of revenue.”

TSA will continue to audit accredited tyre retailers, collectors and recyclers to ensure they meet TSA Scheme guidelines.

“We will need to remain vigilant even after the 1 December deadline, as collectors who don’t take action will find themselves with no end markets – what may have once been open markets may no longer be the case.”

Ms Goodman encourages all tyre collectors and retailers to join the TSA Scheme.

“This ensures they receive pertinent information, assistance and possibly support with end markets to help them manage their end-of-life tyres.”

TSA encourages anyone who sees a tyre stockpile or illegal dumping of end-of-life tyres to contact

*Copy supplied by Tyre Stewardship Australia