Road safety awards recognize innovation and leadership

Four local governments were recognised today for their commitment to improving road safety outcomes in their communities.

The cities of Albany, Bunbury and Rockingham and the Shire of Narembeen received Local Government Road Safety Awards, presented at the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Annual General Meeting.

A joint initiative of WALGA’s RoadWise and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (WA), the Awards acknowledge outstanding achievements by local governments in the area of road safety and recognise innovation in engineering countermeasures contributing to safe system implementation, along with local road safety partnerships and champions.

In congratulating the 2021 award recipients, WALGA President, Mayor Tracey Roberts, said, “Our four winning projects this year include strong local partnerships and community ownership, as well as evidence-driven approaches.

“As a sector, today we celebrate not only our award winners but the ongoing contributions of all local governments as we work towards our long-term vision of a road transport system where crashes resulting in death or serious injury are virtually eliminated.”

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (WA) President, Gavin Harris, said, “Local Governments continue to refine their role as both system designers and road managers, through the implementation of new and innovative road treatments and projects which aim to prioritise the safety of all road users.

“We know the way forward is through the creation of a safe system; we also know this cannot be achieved by any one sphere of government, agency or road user group alone.”

For more information about the 2021 Local Government Road Safety Awards, visit the RoadWise website at