Councillor profiles – President Sarah Stanley Shire of Collie

Article image - Councillor profiles – President Sarah Stanley Shire of Collie

Collie is a unique town undergoing an exciting transformation.
For generations, Collie has fuelled the power needs of Western Australia, and will continue to play an important role in the region’s prosperity as it capitalises on its many strategic advantages to attract new, scalable, low-emissions, jobs-rich investments.

Collie is awakening as the most exciting adventure destination in Western Australia.

Just two hours south of Perth, the sweeping views of the Collie River Valley offer the first glimpse of a natural playground that awaits.
Collie boasts trails of all descriptions, including stunning equestrian trails, mountain bike trails, hikes and paddle trails that meander through stunning bush.

Make sure you have your camera ready for the intense turquoise waters of our inland lakes, including Black Diamond and Stockton as well as the serene waters of Lake Kepwari, Honeymoon Pool and Minningup Pool.

Collie is home to the world’s largest dam mural. Spanning 8000 square metres, it’s a sight to behold and just part of an expansive outdoor art gallery throughout Collie’s town centre.

Collie’s rich working heritage is celebrated through a new replica underground mine experience, public art trails and intriguing museums.

If there’s one thing we do really well in Collie, it’s that we know how to have fun.

We love playing in nature, we’re always ready for a laugh and we are a town of enthusiasts.

Taking a leading role
I have been on Council for eight years, serving as Shire President for the past four. I am fiercely passionate about my community and its potential and enjoy taking a lead role helping our community realise its vision.

I own and operate a gorgeous heritage motel that we are in the process of restoring, which provides affordable accommodation and co-working space to a wide range of visitors in the centre of town.

I also run a boutique marketing consultancy, providing branding, graphic design, web design and branded products for a wide range of clients both locally and across the globe.

My work history and clientele includes multi-skilled roles in tiny not-for-profit organisations and small businesses to community relations and internal communications for multi-national companies across a broad range of sectors.

The connections created and knowledge gained through my work is invaluable for my community roles, and vice versa.

A good deal of my time is spent connecting the right people for mutually beneficial outcomes.

You can probably guess that I don’t have a lot of spare time outside of my businesses and community work, but when I do get to let my hair down, I enjoy good music and good food and wine shared with my beautiful family and friends.

Towards a sustainable future
Collie’s number one strategic priority is economic development.
The Shire is working collaboratively with governments and agencies at all levels, unions, higher education, industry and small business to transition its economy and workforce to a more sustainable future.

As the state’s energy needs are moving towards low-emission technology, we’re very focused on early and proactive action towards a Just Transition for the impacted workers and their community.

The collective efforts are starting to pay off, with a significant increase in tourism traffic providing a boost to the town’s hospitality sector.

There is a suite of projects across a diverse range of
sectors that are either reaching operational stage, or firmly on their path.

Collie boasts the only autonomous vehicle training centre in the Southern hemisphere, will soon have a fully renewable medicinal cannabis manufacturing facility, and is now the centre for emergency vehicle manufacturing and maintenance for the state, among others.

Larger scale and more significant projects naturally have a much longer lead time, and we’re continuing to work through the key barriers to entry to ensure a positive investment decision on new industries that can capitalise on our existing power, rail and road infrastructure as well as our highly skilled industrial workforce and supportive business environment.

I truly relish the opportunity to play a lead role in helping these projects to fruition, playing my part in ensuring Collie has a truly sustainable and prosperous future.