First recycled roads roll out

Article image - First recycled roads roll out Meander Valley Council is using recycled products to pave the road to a sustainable future. Photo courtesy of Fulton Hogan Industries.

Meander Valley Council, Tasmania, is demonstrating its commitment to working towards a sustainable future by using waste and recyclable materials to resurface parts of the Municipality’s road network.

A number of roads in Prospect Vale were the first in Tasmania to be resurfaced with products containing crushed glass as a substitute for sand and aggregate and crumb rubber from old tyres.

When used in asphalt and sprayed seals, crumb rubber from old tyres improves the strength and longevity of road surfaces.

Subsidised by Tyre Stewardship Australia, the projects were delivered at no additional cost to ratepayers over the use conventional asphalt surfacing materials.

Fulton Hogan Industries was engaged to undertake the work which was carried out during October and November 2020.  

Council is assessing opportunities to incorporate crumb rubber and crushed glass into future projects across the municipality, including most recently a 700 metre long section of footpath in the rural township of Bracknell.

The recycled roads projects utilised 6.4 tonnes of crushed glass equivalent to 36,364 beer bottles or 12,500 wine bottles and 393 car tyres.