Driver identification more important than ever*

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Traditionally fleet telematics solutions provide a single method for identifying drivers.

This could either be a physical validator such as an RFID tag, or an administrative identifier such as a vehicle booking.
But while this sounds good on paper, it often falls short in real-world situations.

Employees might share driving responsibilities on longer journeys to facilitate fatigue management. Vehicles allocated to drivers get borrowed for a quick run down the road.

These examples lead to situations where fines and speeding events are attributed to the wrong individuals.

This is why a comprehensive driver identification system that accounts for the nuances of real fleet use is so important.

Smartrak recently announced an update to their market-leading driver identification solution that allows multiple forms of driver identification to be used in conjunction with one another, providing the flexibility required by fleets.

Smartrak’s Driver Identification solution leverages inputs from Vehicle Allocated Drivers, Pool Booking information (with integrated key management), iButton RFID tags, and the Identify app, to provide a wealth of options to suit any fleet’s requirements.

Accountable Driving
Driver identification ensures organisations are able achieve accountability throughout their fleet. Organisations can proactively identify unsafe driving to ensure the management of staff health and wellbeing, while implementing feedback and safe
driver training.

Allocate Fines
By understanding who was driving at particular point in time, there is no longer a risk that fines and infringements attributed to fleet vehicles are left unallocated. This can save the organisation from having to shoulder the responsibility of paying for fines that cannot be attributed to specific drivers.

A more efficient fleet
Thanks to the ability to report on who last drove a vehicle, tracking down lost or missing keys is a breeze.

Fleet Administrators can easily identify who last had the keys for a vehicle, and proactive management ensures keys are returned prior to the next booking or allocation. This avoids roll-on impacts to organisational operations through lack of oversight and process.

Make your fleet more accountable
If you aren’t proactively managing your fleet’s driver identification, it’s time to talk to Smartrak.

With integrated fleet solutions that range from driver identification, pool booking, and key management, through to enterprise level telematics integrations and GPS tracking, Smartrak has the experience and expertise to provide best practice solutions to your organisation.

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