Bush tucker trail

Article image - Bush tucker trail Council staff and volunteers work together to create a bush tucker trail in Quorn.

The Flinders Ranges Council, South Australia, has a bold vision of becoming the ‘Bush Tucker Capital of Australia’ and with its bush tucker trail in Quorn well underway, it is on the right path to achieving this vision.

Whilst the bush tucker trail will become a key tourist drawcard, it is also aimed at improving the conservation, enhancement and enjoyment of public open spaces to provide communities access to quality green public open space for positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

The bush tucker trail will provide opportunities for unstructured recreation in the existing setting and a clear pathway linkage from the central business district to existing recreation facilities. It will also serve as a shared walking circuit.

The walkway with is planted gardens provide a significant bush food garden that will be part of a future programme working with local farmers to diversify their operations into bush food production which can be on sold in local cafe’s and eateries.

The planted gardens will also rehabilitate a significant area in the centre of Quorn, increasing the total tree canopy space and green area in the town, as well as rehabilitating a key waterway with native plants significant to the Adnyamathanha people.

This project also provides an opportunity for Flinders Ranges Council to engage with the local Adnyamathanha people in a less formal setting.

The Bush Tucker Trail will be a publicly accessible walk and will provide substantial local employment.

The project has significant community support with many community members and groups already volunteering their time to assist with projects such as community planting days.

The walkway will build on the recently completed heritage walk which runs through the town centre and connect two quite disparate areas.

The walk also links into the famous Heysen Trail that runs through Quorn along a section of this proposed walkway.