Time is money*

Article image - Time is money* Keys for the vehicle booked light up in the KeyMaster key cabinet.

Is an outdated key management solution costing you both time and money?

Shared vehicle fleets are an integral part of ensuring the smooth operation of local governments. So why not make your fleet operate as efficiently as possible?

If you’re manually managing fleet bookings and handing out keys without a method for tracking their movement, there’s a good chance you’re wasting time and money.

The person tasked with managing keys will have other responsibilities. Yet their valuable time is taken up with handing out keys, chasing keys that haven’t been returned, and probably juggling staff demands for vehicles.

The people wanting access to vehicles will probably
experience similar frustrations, especially if a supposedly ‘reserved’ vehicle has been taken by mistake, or the keys can’t be located.
In operational environments where everyone is expected to achieve more with their time, modern key management is a must.

An electronic key cabinet that is integrated with a booking solution addresses and alleviates these frustrations. Authorised users can check if a vehicle is free at the time they want one, book it, and retrieve the keys from the cabinet without any admin involvement.

Everyone saves time with a streamlined and efficient key management solution, and the monetary savings can only grow. More efficient fleet sharing will highlight how many vehicles you really need and how often they’re booked out all day when the trip really only warrants a couple of hours. You can encourage car-sharing and even recommend an economical hatchback when it is more appropriate to the task than a 4WD.

Through key management with integrated bookings, you can easily capture cost centres or project codes so vehicle costs can be charged to each department. Going forward, there’s also the opportunity to gather the data that will help you right-size and right-type your fleet for optimised utilisation.

The demands on the local government sector to achieve cost efficiencies within a growing task requirement can only be satisfied by applying appropriate and proven technology. Your fleet is an obvious place to begin the process.

If you agree it’s time to move your key management to a more secure, responsive, and efficient solution, talk to the experts in the matter – Smartrak. Their integrated solution, consisting of KeyMaster key cabinets and PoolCar, is a class-leading key management solution. Smartrak even has a state-of-the-art Keyless Entry solution, for those wanting to ditch keys altogether. Enabling authorised staff to unlock and lock vehicles using a smartphone or building access card.

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*Copy supplied by Smartrak