Sand recycled in erosion control trial

Article image - Sand recycled in erosion control trial Shire of Esperance is trialling a new method of combating sand erosion.

Shire of Esperance, Western Australia, has partnered with the Department of Transport (DOT) to undertake a trial involving pumping sand dredged from Bandy Creek Boat Harbour, to nourish the eroding sections of Castletown Quays Beach.

It’s estimated the $1.5 million project will see 40,0000 cubic metres of sand removed from the Bandy Creek entrance channel and pumped 3.6 km through temporary onshore pipelines to the eroding sections of the beach.

The trial, which is expected to run until the end of the year, will see waste dredged sand from Bandy Creek recycled at the Quays, as opposed to using sand trucked in from off-site pits, which has been the case in previous years.

Esperance Shire President, Ian Mickel said the trial provided an opportunity to develop a more sustainable solution to erosion in
the area.

“The issue of erosion at the Quays has been ongoing for many years now and it is exciting to have another potential remedy.

“It’s Council’s hope that this method of renourishment will be more beneficial than the current methods, and we’re happy to be working with DOT towards accomplishing this goal.”

Shire of Esperance Chief Executive Officer, Shane Burge said the trial was another tool in the Shire’s belt for combatting erosion.

“Once the sand has been pumped to the eroded areas we will collect data to determine whether or not this particular method is suitable for the problematic areas,” he said.

“Part of this process will involve gathering community feedback on the project.”