Custom vehicle fit-outs for local government fleet operators*

Article image - Custom vehicle fit-outs for local government fleet operators* Final inspections of the custom-build by the customer before delivery is accepted.

Fleet management organisations (FMOs) can help local government agencies and councils with their build management process for custom fit-outs, from community transport buses to mobile service units, and other field operation or utility vehicles.

Working with an experienced FMO for your light and heavy commercial purpose-built vehicles means that the process can be managed for you, from the commissioning of the order through to inspection and delivery.

SG Fleet offers a custom-build service that will ensure the correct solution is selected to suit your organisation’s needs.

With various leasing options available, SG Fleet can help reduce administration costs and time, and maximise purchasing and disposal benefits. Additionally, a national specialist team of technical officers is available to manage the end-to-end fit-out process.

The team consults with key customer stakeholders to determine which body build fit-out suppliers have the required skills and experience to manage and produce the build.

This may also include discussions around best practice, industry trends, best materials, design and build process.

Of paramount importance is the compliance of the vehicle specifications with Work Health and Safety standards, and in the case of body construction, heavy vehicle standards may apply.

Additionally, the team will determine Residual Values (RVs), tyre and maintenance costs for the life of the lease before sending the customer a complete lease and build quotation.  Once approved, the build process is initiated, and orders are placed with the vehicle dealer and other third-party suppliers.

SG Fleet’s innovative ‘body build dashboard’ supports the whole process and tracks fit-out orders, status and updates before delivery and final inspection.

SG Fleet’s team closely collaborates with selected suppliers throughout the build, reviewing progress and quality until completion.
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