Council funded to use crumb rubber*

Tyre Stewardship Australia has committed $500,000 in the last year to councils within Australia to increase the use of Crumb Rubber (CR) within council owned low traffic asphalt roads.

Melton City Council (MCC), a successful applicant of the Low Traffic Crumb Rubber Road Fund, received $35,000 to assist with costs associated with utilising crumb rubber from end-of-life tyres disposed of in Australia.

The project was carried out within West Melton, an area requiring renewal as determined by Council’s Road Condition Audit.

Council’s Engineering Project and Data Analyst, Jyoti Bhandari, explained, “Historically, these roads have been constructed with no capping layer. As a result, they are more prone to potholes, stripping and pavement deformation.”

The trial treatment included a 30mm crumb rubber asphalt wearing course applied to reduce renewal costs over the life cycle of the asset.

“MCC saved a further $100,000 in capital costs over and above the successful bid amount. “This is due to the difference between treatments applied. The 60mm asphalt overlay is typically used to compensate for the lack of a capping layer, however we applied the 30mm crumb rubber asphalt overlay.

“It has resulted in not only monetary cost savings for Council, but other broader benefits too such as utilising tyre derived materials in new applications, reducing the number of tyres going to landfill and in turn increasing business opportunities with our local tyre recyclers.”

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) is heartened by the commitment of Melton City Council and their participation in TSA’s National Product Tyre Stewardship Scheme.

TSA Chief Executive Officer, Lina Goodman, stated, “Melton City Council is demonstrating leadership qualities by committing to circular economy practises.

“With 85 percent of the country’s roads managed by local councils, the procurement power of these organisations is critical to utilising resources like crumb rubber.

“Crumb rubber in roads not only lasts longer, it performs better, is recyclable and delivers a better economic outcome for the community.

“This project is a great example of circular economy outcomes in action. TSA is encouraging local councils to get on board so we can work together to come up with new solutions to tyre waste issues.”

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*Copy supplied by Tyre Stewardship Australia