Address verification technology helped ACT Government reduce spending*

Article image - Address verification technology helped ACT Government reduce spending* Fix My Street form. Source: ACT Government.

Customer Experience and Design Operations Manager, Vladislav Munteanu, has been working tirelessly to ensure the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible address data to help them deliver essential services to the public.

He said inaccurate address data had a significant impact on their productivity.

“Our systems by default were all using different address formats. This became a problem when it came to sharing information across systems.”

The ACT Government built address verification application programming interfaces (APIs) into its smart forms, which are used across a range of services available through Access Canberra.

When it comes to the technical aspects of the solution, Vladislav said it’s extremely easy to develop.

“We use Geoscape APIs inside five or six systems, and all these systems use slightly different technology. Deploying into the system takes less than one day, that’s very quick.”

Having multiple departments all using the same solution means the government is able to access address information in a consistent format, which has improved its internal processes.

“Now we have a consistent address format across multiple government systems, we’re not wasting resources and time to convert it from one format to another. A lot of our systems are now speaking the same language.”

As well as being used in customer-facing forms,
address validation services are also used by the ACT Government’s customer service centres, helping them provide a better, more efficient customer experience.
The inter-departmental integration has saved the government a significant amount of money as it’s not paying for, and managing,
multiple systems.
“Our previous solution was using quite a lot of resources. We had to pay for the service, for the infrastructure, as well as for people to manage and update the information.

“Now we just connect to a ready-made solution and we’re getting a perfect outcome. We’re saving a lot of money.

“Our goal is to have any public-facing form that requires customer address information using these address verification APIs.”

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*Copy supplied by Geoscape