Second biggest reseal program

Article image - Second biggest reseal program Fast-tracked footpath package steps towards completion.

Roads across the Western Downs, Queensland, are now safer thanks to the completion of Western Downs Regional Council’s annual reseal program.  

Council recently completed resealing over 850,000sqm of road this financial year, which equates to 1.83 million litres of bitumen and 9600 tonnes of aggregate.  

A Council spokesperson said the program ensured Council provided a safe and sustainable road network by performing timely renewal of sealed surfaces.   

Councillor George Moore, responsible for Works and Technical Services, said, “The Western Downs has the second largest road network in the country, covering more than 7500km – which is roughly the same distance as driving from Dalby to Perth and back.  

“Our Reseal Program is a significant program for our region, with just over $3 million invested into the program in 2020-21.” 

Cr Moore said the Reseal Program also delivered environmentally friendly outcomes with recycled rubber used as part of the bitumen.  

“Our works have an added environmental benefit, with around 274,500kg of recycled rubber used as part of the bitumen mixture. That’s the equivalent of around 34,300 passenger car tyres.  

“This recycled rubber – which is sourced from old tyres and blended locally – is not only environmentally friendly, but also provides a stronger, sturdier road surface. 

Council encourages residents to help monitor and maintain the road network by reporting any road damage to local roads using the Snap, Send, Solve App for mobile or contacting the Department of Transport and Main Roads to report damage on state-owned roads.  

Meanwhile, Council’s accelerated footpath program is in its final stages.

The region-wide footpath program was fast-tracked under Council’s massive COVID-19 Recovery Package and was designed to generate jobs and boost connectivity across the region.

Cr Moore said more than 180 local people had been contracted to deliver 21 individual footpath projects over the past 12 months.

Owner of Connor’s Concreting Shaun Connor said the stimulus provided a continued flow of work at a time when it was really needed.

“It has been great receiving work as part of Council’s stimulus package. It’s great to see Council doing what it can to support our community and keep locals employed.”