Pedestrian bridge builds connection*

Landmark Products designed/ manufactured/ installed a K1105 Straight ‘Murray Series’ Pedestrian Bridge (Modified). 

Located in Obi Obi Queensland, the 25m x 2m (total width) structure provides golf cart access to and from an open space for recreational use.

To create a common connection amongst structures within the property, the decking was matched to timber found in and around the nearby barn.  

Landmark’s in-house design team collaborated with both the client and a local architectural firm to provide a pedestrian bridge suitable to their needs.


  • ACQ factory-treated, select hardwood timber joists and battens
  • hot dipped galvanised steel trusses with 2-Pac Epoxy paint
  • stainless steel swaged baluster wire (horizontal) connections
  • 2x lineal lengths of 100mm conduit full distance underside of the pedestrian bridge, and
  • galvanised fixings and brackets.

Up to 4x small cranes were utilised for the installation due to the ruggedness of the site terrain. The lift was conducted in one day after assembly of the pedestrian bridge was completed on-site.

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From design through to manufacturing and installation, Landmark Products can deliver a total project solution. 

With over 30 years’ experience, and a team of highly skilful, expert specialists in public use infrastructure, Landmark is committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients, whether for a relatively straightforward project through to complex, large scale, custom built projects.

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