Custom designed system wins Spatial Excellence Award

Article image - Custom designed system wins Spatial Excellence Award City of Cockburn CoSafe officer Danny accessing the in-car workflow system on a touchscreen tablet.

City of Cockburn, Western Australia, has joined with Esri Australia’s Perth team, to design and implement an intuitive user-friendly workflow management system with advanced Geospatial capabilities to improve the workflow of the CoSafe officers of the community safety patrol service.

The project has taken out the Award for Spatial Enablement at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (WA) qualifying it for the Oceanic Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards. 

City of Cockburn Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager, Nathan Sharp said the award-winning system utilised the latest in mobile workforce application technology while exchanging data with the City’s existing corporate record systems.

The solution brought together a number of ‘ArcGIS Apps for the Field’ to provide a streamlined workflow, plus integration into the City’s corporate business system by its Business Systems team. 

“As multiple stakeholders were involved for this deployment and with COVID-19 in full flight at the same time as our go-live, with great support from Esri, Cockburn’s GIS team and Community Safety team manager, we were able to overcome all hurdles to get the job done.”

The system has the capability to prioritise assignments spatially, creating a CoSafe assignment by including a map-centric graphics interface where officers select or search for an address. 

From an intuitive pop-up, they then select preconfigured options from domain lists ensuring the correct type of survey assignment is performed at that location at the desired time. 

Officers can navigate to their next assignment via the most efficient route using ArcGIS Navigator and the CoSafe vehicle location is always visible to the despatching team on the live despatcher map.

Once at an assignment, data collection is faster with task specific Survey123 forms, including confirmation of the address and geographic location (particularly useful in Cockburn’s new estates not yet updated in Geocoded National Address File). Photographs and other evidence can be collected and attached to a geospatial record immediately after synchronising with the corporate GIS.