Community’s work awarded

City of Palmerston, Northern Territory, has been announced winner of the Planning Institute Australia President’s Award for the development of its Community Plan.

In partnership with DemocracyCo, Council sidestepped the usual approaches to community planning, empowering and entrusting a group of 40 community members to create the Community Plan.

A diverse group of community members were consulted, including young people, families, Indigenous communities, senior citizens, multicultural communities, and people of different economic and educational backgrounds.

The inclusive plan demonstrated a unique understanding and acknowledgement of the needs and aspirations of the people of Palmerston.

Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell thanked the community for their contribution towards winning the award.

“Council is committed to creating and maintaining a positive relationship with our diverse community and we wanted to ensure this plan was written by, and for the people of Palmerston.

“I hope they share our pride and excitement in winning this National Planning Award.”