Australian road recovery in 2021 using Australian made products*

Article image - Australian road recovery in 2021 using Australian made products* Re-sheet and grade old style, graded two weeks ago. Rip and re-compact with PolyCom Treatment five months ago.

Funding levels for road maintenance and construction need to be spent more wisely than ever before considering the recent Works situation due to COVID-19 and other parameters.

The time is right to seek out better ways of gaining productivity and lowering costs by making alternative methods a part of your toolbox to give you an edge to make a dollars go further than ever before.

The picture below left is of shoulder works that for years has been maintained by placing new material and compacting. This is obviously not doing the job as required, considering it was graded two weeks ago. 

This is the dog chasing its tail scenario that is going nowhere and constantly requires more money for a poor outcome.
Why continue this pointless activity or a habit? There is a much better solution.

The road shoulder below right, was marked and treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid in January of 2020, no material was imported, shoulders were ripped with a grader to 2m width at 150mm depth. Moisture was added, then 12kg (or 6 x 2kg packs) of PolyCom was spread onto the area and ripped via our customised 12volt spreader on a work ute.

The next move was to rip and blade mix to ensure a consistent mix, lay out to line and level and compact. No extra time was taken and water was saved. 

No truck movements were required for importing materials and there was no cost associated with bringing in extra material.

The picture of the treated area above is five months old without any work or maintenance and standing up to 3000 vehicles per day on a 4m
wide seal.

The above information can be applied to unsealed road maintenance, patching works, carparks, sub grade or any pavement area that needs attention or is high maintenance.

Special thanks to Tony for being open minded and able to accept change, Ross for strong character and common sense, Mick for moisture control and Bill who just gets it.

All it takes is an ‘open-minded attitude’ and a little courage and common sense.

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 *Copy supplied by Earthco