Workshops for mental wellbeing

Article image - Workshops for mental wellbeing Staff attended workshops focusing on relationships and connection, and appreciation and communication.

In February this year 175 Shire of Esperance, Western Australia, employees from across the organisation attended workshops facilitated by Happiness Co.

The workshops aimed at improving staff’s understanding of what constitutes mental wellbeing and how emotions and choices can help with conversations, conflict and overall appreciation within the workplace.

Two sessions, focusing on relationships and connection, as well as appreciation and communication, were made available to all staff who wanted to attend, along with a leadership and culture for workplace happiness workshop held for directors, managers, coordinators and supervisors.

Happiness Co are an organisation that provides non-clinical, pre-emptive approaches towards achieving happiness and wellbeing within schools, work places and other organisations.

They focus on emotions, stories and empowering participants to make wiser choices and decisions for safer, healthier and happier outcomes.

These popular and engaging workshops initially came about as a response to feedback received from a staff perception survey, with management identifying that the Happiness Co would be an ideal staff development opportunity.

Feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying the workshop gave them an opportunity to get to gain a better understanding of both themselves and their fellow employees.

Shire of Esperance Chief Executive Officer, Shane Burge said the workshops were a great opportunity for the organistaion.

“It can be difficult to get these types of opportunities in the regions so it was exciting to have the chance to provide this training for our staff.”