Staff housing in remote town gets nod

Victoria Daly Regional Council, Northern Territory, has been awarded grant funding of $350,000 through the Chief Minister’s Local Government Priority Infrastructure Fund to build staff housing in the remote community of Yarralin.

The new two-bedroom duplex will replace the current accommodation which is now uninhabitable and has been deemed uneconomical to repair. 

Council has given its support to the project pledging a significant co-contribution of $350,000.

Victoria Daly Regional Council Mayor, Brian Pedwell, said, “The provision of suitable staff housing in remote communities is critical to the effective delivery of government funded programs and services. 

“Our ability to recruit and retain suitably qualified staff to lead these programs is greatly hindered due to a lack of housing in remote communities. 

“This project will see the replacement of an uninhabitable house with two two-bedroom staff houses and will greatly assist Council to provide suitable and secure staff housing in Yarralin.”

The project is scheduled to commence in June with completion due in
December 2021.