Management skills invaluable for all industries*

Article image - Management skills invaluable for all industries* Raunak Koirala

After working as an engineer for two years in his home country of Nepal, Raunak Koirala realised that management was an integral part of the industry.

“Dealing with project managers and business analysts helped me understand the other side of the industry. 

“That was when I decided to pursue higher education in Business and Management.”

Mr Koirala enrolled in CQUniversity’s Master of Management for Engineers in 2018, where he studied from the Sydney Campus.

“I chose CQUni because of the course availability. After going through the outlined units in the course, the units were relevant to what I wanted to pursue in the future. Another reason for choosing CQUni Sydney was because of its convenient location.

“The staff as well as professors were readily available to help guide us throughout our studies.”

He points out units such as Design Thinking and Innovation and Sustainable Business Developments as the highlights of the postgraduate course.

“This is because, the units push students to think outside the box. In a world of ever-changing technologies and industries, thinking outside the box is very important to become a successful person both personally and professionally.”

Since completing his Masters in 2019, Koirala was offered a role with the National Australia Bank as an analyst in the compliance space.

“After studying a few units such as Design Thinking, Business Innovation and Sustainable Management, I realised that I was good with analysis and understanding the requirements of the clients.

“Business analysts form an integral bond between businesses and their clients and act as the mediator between two parties which make them vital to the business.” 

Koirala is now working as a Client Service Officer at Dye and Durham Property in Canberra. 

“After joining the industry, I have understood the importance of constant growth both personally and professionally.

“Thanks to the skills that I acquired from my Masters, I have become an integral part of the team and am appreciated for the skills that I bring to the table.”

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