MAGIQ Software: preferred ‘Local Buy’ ICT supplier*

Article image - MAGIQ Software: preferred ‘Local Buy’ ICT supplier* MAGIQ Software joins Local Buy preferred supplier list.

MAGIQ Software has been selected as a preferred supplier of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services by Local Buy (BUS274).

Local Buy is a leader in the provision of procurement and probity services to the whole of government and is committed to helping government organisations reduce the risk, time and costs associated with the procurement process by creating a strict, prequalified supplier list.

MAGIQ Software has achieved qualified supplier status in the following categories:

  • business systems
  • consultancy – project and program management
  • consultancy – solution provision
  • software and licensing and
  • virtual / cloud.

Tony Tiftis, Chief Executive Officer at MAGIQ Software, explains, “Local Buy’s strict, prequalified supplier process effectively means that councils can access a range of goods and services through a quotation process rather than a lengthy and costly tender process.

“The Local Buy purchasing arrangement is now open to member councils outside of Queensland. Given the participation of [local government associations] LGANT and LGAT, councils in the Northern Territory and Tasmania can also take advantage of this prequalified supplier arrangement.

“We are pleased to offer our customers the ability to acquire products and services via the quotation process and we look forward to showcasing the MAGIQ Cloud Platform to all Local Buy council members.

Tony Tiftis, CEO at MAGIQ Software
“The MAGIQ Cloud Platform is highly flexible in design and is completely scalable to effectively meet the financial and business needs of small, rural and remote councils and larger city councils alike.” 

About MAGIQ Software
With offices across New Zealand, Australia and the USA, MAGIQ Software provides a market-leading Public Sector Cloud Platform to more than 550 customers.

We deliver appropriate software for each customer’s business size, capabilities and available resources, allowing our customers to accelerate their business efficiency, simply.

To find out more about our Public Sector Cloud Platform or to book a demonstration, call our sales team on (03) 9468 9401 or send an email to

*Copy supplied by Magiq Software