Kidsí street libraries are works of art

Article image - Kidsí street libraries are works of art Eva and Van Faull at the Blaxland Kids Street Library

Blue Mountains City Council, New South Wales, has thanked all the children and volunteers who helped establish 11 new street libraries throughout the City.

The Kids Street Libraries project promotes the benefits of reading for kids, from newborns to 12 year olds.

When Council asked children to help find locations for the street libraries, they responded with passion and creativity!

Now that the beautifully constructed and decorated libraries are operational at the chosen sites, they are proving popular with the local communities. 

Mayor, Mark Greenhill, said, “I’m delighted that we now have 11 street libraries for children, at various locations throughout the Blue Mountains. 

“They are beautiful works of art designed by the kids themselves, making them distinctive as kids’ libraries.”

The library structures were constructed and installed by volunteers at the Central Blue Mountains Men’s and Blue Mountains Women’s Sheds. The Women’s Shed volunteers brought the kids’ design ideas to life on the beautifully painted boxes.

“The project was a fantastic way for children to be involved in their local community and these little libraries are a wonderful way to promote the reading habit among the next generation.”

Council invited children’s participation in this project through Council’s new online portal Kids Say which creates a space for children’s voices. The children asked property owners for permission and to take responsibility for each library, ensuring they would be safe for kids in the neighbourhood.

The libraries are now stocked with books suitable for children of 0-12 years of age, kindly donated by Blue Mountains Library.

“Research shows that reading for pleasure is hugely important for children – not only for their literacy but for their emotional development too. 

“Reading builds resilience, happiness, empathy and communication, leading to improved life opportunities. This all contributes to a healthier, happier community.”