Hands-on leadership program

Leadership development has been a growing focus at Glen Eira City Council, Victoria, over recent years. 

With senior leadership group members already participating in established programs to develop their own leadership capabilities and challenge their skills, it was now time for the next level of leaders to get involved. 

The Hands-on Leadership program was developed and launched specifically targeting frontline leaders of the organisation. 

The program delivers practical results by introducing participants to not only the theory and concepts of leadership but also the application and situational
experiences that occur in their roles.

Co-ordinator Organisation Development and Partnerships, Kirsty James said with the Capability Framework at the core and guiding the organisation’s learning and development, the program ensures all nine of the capabilities are focussed on. 

“We’re approaching this in a holistic way so we designed a modular program to bring together all the elements that contribute to being an effective frontline leader, from self-awareness and emotional and social intelligence, to building, engaging and motivating a team, taking action, and of course equipping them with the operational processes and policies to perform.” 

Participants also have coaching and mentoring from leaders across the organisation who have participated in previous leadership programs. 

It’s a way of ensuring learned experiences are passed on and that development continues beyond the classroom.

The program is now in its second year and has been highly regarded and sought after.