Automated Waste Collection System underway

Article image - Automated Waste Collection System underway Automated Waste Collection Station, an Australian first.

Australia’s first underground automated waste collection system in the new Maroochydore City Centre, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, is moving closer to being switched on.

Construction of the collection station and Stage 1A of the underground pipe network including the link to the collection station is finished.

Sunshine Coast Council Group Executive Customer Engagement and Planning Services, James Ruprai said the ENVAC technical experts required to commission the facility are in the country and out of quarantine and Sunshine Coast Council was extremely excited and proud to reach the commissioning phase of the innovative project.

“The Sunshine Coast is leading the nation with this sustainable and innovative technology. We are constructing Australia’s first, high-tech, underground automated waste collection system for a central business district.

“Waste and recyclables from buildings and public realm bins in the new Maroochydore City Centre will move by vacuum pressure at up to 70km/h through a 6.5km network of underground pipes to a collection station.

“The collected material will then be transferred to disposal or recycling facilities.

“This innovative system will remove the need for conventional waste collection trucks to service bins on streets, which will have many benefits for traffic and amenity in the new central business district.

“COVID-19 delayed our commissioning schedule but the technical experts are checking the systems now, and we expect it to be operational mid-year.

“We will keep the community informed as we move closer to an opening date.”