Art unifies community

Article image - Art unifies community Participating students, Brimbank councillors and mayor and artist, Katherine Gailer come together for the launch of Deer Park Library’s new mural.

A special new community mural was unveiled on 28 April, at the entrance to the Deer Park Library in the City of Brimbank, Victoria.

The mural was a collaboration between artist Katherine Gailer, also known as ‘Katira’, and students from Victoria University Secondary College in Deer Park.

The concept for the mural came about following the loss of a 15-year-old classmate, who was tragically killed in the area last June.

The project gave young people who were affected by the tragedy an opportunity to reclaim the space, have a positive impact on their community and deliver a public artwork that invites other young people to reconnect with the library and their locality.

The concept and visual narrative of the mural was found over a number of workshops facilitated by Gailer who then created the design. Together, they painted the mural: a bright and colourful depiction of two joined hands, flowers, birds and a book.

At the mural’s unveiling, Mayor, Ranka Rasic, said, “The new mural has a very special meaning as it tells the story of community, and putting back the pieces after something has gone very badly wrong.

“It speaks of strength and resilience – and how joining hands together can help us heal so we can move forward in unity.

“Today we pay our respects to Solomone Taufeulungaki and his family, as the Brimbank community reflect on this beautiful mural and remember him.

“I would like to commend and thank artist Katherine Gailer and the students from Victoria University Secondary College for working together to create this magnificent vision for the community to enjoy.

“It is a wonderful example of our community’s diversity, and what we can learn from connecting with other cultures.

“Council is committed to promoting innovative arts opportunities in Brimbank, and celebrating the arts helps to create a connected, vibrant and creative community.”