Workzone radars make work crews safer

Article image - Workzone radars make work crews safer Workzone Radar improves safety and eliminates the need for traffic guards in the work area.

Clarence City Council, Tasmania, is using radars to make the workplace safer on Council roads and work sites.

The new system operates via a radar speed detection unit attached to a vehicle, which triggers ancillary devices across the work zone, including some located on workers.

The primary purpose of the device is to alert crew members to vehicles travelling too fast within the work zone.

This year, as part of Council’s annual audit program, the organisation initiated a gap analysis against the latest occupational health and safety management system standard ISO 45001 and was proud to achieve the highest level in work health and safety
(WHS) for its workers and community in recent years.

Significant changes had been implemented in recent years allowing Council to be one of the first to achieve the new standard which replaces AS/NZS 4801.  

The new traffic safety solution, Workzone Radar, was implemented across Council work sites as part of meeting the new traffic management standards (AS1742.3:2019) which came into effect on Tasmanian roads in July 2020.

The standard advocated using ‘traffic spotters’ to alert workers to approaching overspeed traffic.

However, council staff believed a technological solution could be developed to provide an even better safety outcome, which was also cost effective.

Council staff collaborated with the supplier, Boylan Group, to develop the new Workzone Radar, adding improvements to ensure the device met the needs of Council workers.

The device, not initially designed for use in vehicles, has so far been fitted to 14 vehicles across the Council fleet.

Clarence City Council’s certification to standard ISO 450001 recognises the commitment of Council staff working together to identify and implement effective risk management for a safer workplace.