Upcoming collection of unwanted agvet chemicals*

Article image - Upcoming collection of unwanted agvet chemicals* Tanya Mcauliffe unloading unused chemicals for collection by ChemClear.

Agsafe’s product stewardship programs, drumMUSTER and ChemClear, provide farmers with a reliable pathway for the safe disposal of empty agvet containers as well as any unused or obsolete agvet chemicals.

Constituents with unused or obsolete agvet chemicals can register them online at chemclear.org.au for pick up when a collection is scheduled in their area.

Collections are conducted once registrations reach a level that can be supported.

On average, collections are conducted in each state every two years.
Agsafe’s General Manager, Dominique Doyle, noted that farmers’ committed engagement in the ChemClear program always impresses, but never surprises.  

“Farmers understand that they are the custodians of the land, and they are always mindful of sustainable farm practices. ChemClear enables farmers to safely dispose of chemicals off farms and out of rural communities.”

ChemClear and its partners are delighted with the progress the service has made since its inception in 2003. Since then the program has collected and disposed of more than 720,000 litres of obsolete, inherited and unknown agvet chemicals.

ChemClear’s goal is to reduce the quantity of unused Agvetchemicals stored on properties and in businesses across Australia. By removing these unwanted chemicals from farms and businesses, potentially hazardous situations can be eliminated in the event of a fire or flood.

A collection is scheduled for Queensland in July and August. Chemical holders have until 13 June to register their chemicals.

Notify your constituents, if they have chemicals they would like to register for collection, to simply visit www.chemclear.org.au and follow the prompts or call 1800 008 182.

*Copy supplied by Agsafe