Superannuation for elected councillors

The NSW Government has introduced legislation to Parliament proposing the introduction of superannuation for mayors and councillors, beginning from July 2022.

Australian Local Government Women’s Association and Local Government NSW have supported the proposal as a major step forward.

Local Government NSW President, Linda Scott said, “LGNSW has consistently argued that mayors and councillors should be entitled to receive superannuation, in line with every other Australian employee at work.

“Ensuring elected councillors receive fair superannuation will remove a very real disincentive to stand for elected office, especially for women.

“Research shows that on average, women retire with 47% less superannuation than men, so introducing superannuation to local government will allow more women to consider running to be an elected leader.

"This is critically important at a time when only one in three elected representatives in NSW local governments are women.

“Modern councils are governance-style boards of significant influence, managing community assets of immense value for the public good.

“Introducing superannuation on these earnings is recognition of this commitment, and will help encourage the broadest cross-section of the community to stand for office."