Remote communities online

Article image - Remote communities online The small outback community of Nyirripi comes online using small cell satellite.

Central Desert Regional Council, Northern Territory, is working hard to improve conditions in the remote communities of Nyirripi, Engawala and Laramba.

With funding assistance from the Federal Government, Council is installing 4GX-lite Satellite Small Cells in each community bringing mobile phone coverage and basic data to the region for the first time.

The lack of mobile phone access has negatively impacted residents for many years, compromising the region’s liveability and reducing resident’s enjoyment of their towns.

The small cell technology will give residents access to emails and basic data, voice calls and text messaging with a compatible device, in areas where it has not been possible before.  

The Small Cells will be installed and maintained by Telstra.

The 4GX-lite Mobile Satellite Small Cells provide affordable access to 4GX services on the Telstra mobile network for people living and working in remote areas of Australia.

The project will provide another amenity to increase liveability within remote communities.

Access to mobile services will enrich the communities which have lagged due to digital disadvantage caused by lack of access to mobile and data services.

Increased safety is another advantage anticipated by the communities giving residents access to emergency services via mobile phones.

The availability of multiple online services is expected to provide a more competitive marketplace driving prices down and reducing economic disadvantage in the remote communities.

Assuming no delays, the towers are expected to be operational by the end of March or early April.