Recycling grant goes to hockey field redevelopment

Article image - Recycling grant goes to hockey field redevelopment Sporting field upgrade showcases the use of recycled materials to help close the loop on waste.

Darebin City Council, Victoria, has received a recycling infrastructure grant to redevelop a local hockey field using recycled materials as part of a $4.4 million program to encourage innovators to create everyday products from reusable waste.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio announced Darebin’s was one of 19 projects sharing $2.6 million allocated to support innovative use of recycled materials in infrastructure projects delivered by local councils and alpine resort management boards.

Council’s priority inclusion of recycled materials in the demolition and construction of the KP Hardiman hockey field was recognised with a $299,580 grant from the Sustainability Victoria Sustainable Infrastructure Fund.

As part of the demolition process, existing metal fencing will be recycled, synthetic grass will be reused at local schools and golf courses, plastic pads will be reused in asphalt, crusher dust will be reused, and concrete will be recycled.

The newly constructed field will use 98 percent reclaimed tyres for shock pads, recycled glass and aggregate in the concrete pathways around the field, recycled paper mulch for surrounding grass areas, recycled plastic seating for spectators, and recycled plastic in the AstroTurf playing field.

Mayor, Lina Messina said the $3.18 million project would become a case study for what could be achieved when the circular economy was prioritised in demolition and construction work.

“We hope this project will become an inspiration for individuals, businesses and organisations across Victoria to take up the use of recycled materials and these exciting new technologies.

“Recycled materials are no longer a novelty. Their use will and must become a priority for how we design and build for our future.”
The field will be complete in June 2021.