Parking trial improves congestion

Article image - Parking trial improves congestion Cr Holland, Mayor O’Connor, Shire’s Principal Transport Engineer Doug Bradbrook, and Shire’s Traffic and Road Safety Engineer Mathew McQuinn, at Main Street, Mornington.

Mornington Peninsula Shire, Victoria, has begun trialling a new smart parking approach to decrease congestion in and around Mornington.

Mayor Despi O’Connor, said, “The trial aims to make accessing Mornington easier and more convenient, while providing a better parking experience for both residents and tourists.”

Around 100 in-ground sensors were installed throughout Mornington in late December and will be trialled for six months.

The sensors are located at Main Street (between Barkly Street and the Eastern Ring Road) and side streets: Queen Street, Vancouver Street, Barkly Street and Cromwell Street.

As drivers enter Mornington along Main Street, an electronic sign will display how many parking spaces are available on Main Street (between Barkly Street and the Eastern Ring Road).

Councillor Steve Holland, said, “The trial will also help evaluate the parklets outdoor dining program, gain more insight on parking behaviours and management and assess the suitability of long-term smart parking technology in Mornington.”

This is the second township to trial smart parking on the Peninsula.

In January 2020, the Shire trailed similar technology in Rye.

Councillor Anthony Marsh, said, “Smart parking technology has been proven to significantly reduce the time it takes to find a parking space and reduce car emissions in other cities and townships.”