Neighbourhood needs? There’s an App for that!

Since its introduction in 2010, the mobile app Snap Send Solve has revolutionised the way people interact with their local councils.

Residents in Snowy Monaro Regional Council area, New South Wales, reported more than 150 incidents in 2020 using the app, flagging everything from potholes to illegal dumping directly to Council through this easy to use platform.

Mayor, Peter Beer, said, “Digital technology has changed many areas of our lives for the better.

“Since promoting the app more widely to our community members as an efficient way to make a request, the number of reports has increased from an average of 10 per month to more than 50.

“This allows for a streamlined response as the service request is going through the right channel to be addressed, rather than just posting it on social media groups hoping that someone might see it.”
From potholes to problematic parking and dud streetlights, the people of the Snowy Monaro are signing up and sending in with Snap Send Solve. It’s as simple as logging on and selecting the issue.

There is the option of adding a photo or notes, and the app automatically notes the location.

The platform’s key innovation is in removing the guesswork from reporting non-urgent problems in a local area. Whether a particular road, park, playground, drain or carpark falls under the authority of local, state or federal bodies – Snap Send Solve sends the request straight to the right place.