High school students contribute to plan

Article image - High school students contribute to plan Councilís Strategic Land Use Planning Program Leader, Michelle Maher and Katoomba High School Teacher, Ruby Ladd with students.

Katoomba High School students are collaborating with Blue Mountains City Council, New South Wales, to plan for Katoomba Town Centre and the Civic Centre redevelopment, as part of their geography studies.

Council staff met with 100 Katoomba High School students at the old Katoomba Library building, where they presented to the students on the Katoomba Masterplan and the Katoomba Civic Centre before conducting a walk-through discussion throughout the Centre. The students also conducted their own project work whilst on site.

Teacher, Ruby Ladd, said, “One hundred Year 9 students at Katoomba High School are part of a creative design project to activate the Katoomba Civic Centre.

“Senior students have already been a part of the reference group for the Masterplan and now as part of the Geography curriculum on Changing Places, Year 9 students are working with planning principles as shared by Council’s urban designers and planners to contribute to the design process.”

Mayor, Mark Greenhill, said, “Council is proud to have taken the initiative to liaise directly with students and genuinely involve them in this project.

“We can show students the potential the Centre has in terms of design and activation and they communicate to us what is desirable and exciting.”

Council has secured three grants for upgrades to Katoomba Town Centre. All will improve the overall look and functionality of the town, while boosting business and the arts.

The Revitalisation of Katoomba Civic Centre is funded by a $1.5 million grant from the Building Better Regions Fund, with 50 percent of the project funds provided by Council.

The scope of the project is currently being finalised with the Federal Government.

The Katoomba Masterplan will enhance the liveability and vibrancy of Katoomba, the strategic centre of the Blue Mountains.