Digitising playground management systems*

Article image - Digitising playground management systems* Playgrounds123 helps you maintain your playground assets safely.

Playground123 is a playground management system made by playground experts with over a decade of experience in playground design, construction and audit.

The digital revolution has changed how we order food, communicate with people and most other aspects of our lives. Yet playgrounds are still managed using paper-based solutions or a range of unsuitable software not designed specifically for playgrounds.

Playground123 is on a mission to disrupt the status quo with a new playground specific digital platform built by the Iconyx division of RapidMap.

By combining decades of spatial data capture expertise with our auditing team, for less than a take away coffee each day, you can now have not only a playground management platform in place, but access to professional advice to help with any of your questions regarding your playground assets.

Playground operation involves the establishment of a playground safety management system, including systematic documentation and record-keeping, developing risk assessment and reporting procedures, training relevant staff, incident and emergency procedures, and carrying out timely inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Playground safety management systems can be extremely complex and if not managed well can result in unsafe playgrounds and the risk for injury to playground users.

Playground123 not only offers all this but becomes an essential tool if incidents occur – no chasing documents or hitting the panic button, all the records can easily be produced.

Playground123 is a platform developed by playground auditors to meet the Australian Standards.

The software allows basic playground audits and inspections to be conducted in-house and allows external auditors to utilise the platform to perform detailed audits to ensure the safety of playgrounds. The system also allows all documents, warranties and testing results to be stored in one simple place in the event the information is needed.

Do we really need to keep so many records on playgrounds?

Do we really need to get it audited?

These are questions you certainly do not want to be asking after an incident.

Access to records and a focus in meeting the standards provides playground operators and managers with the satisfaction that all their playgrounds and play spaces meet Australian standards and liability is minimised.

Playground123 provides an easy-to-use solution and integrate multiple assets over various locations.

If you want to find out how Playground123 can assist your organisation to make playgrounds safer, decrease your workload, improve efficiency and reduce costs please contact us on 0408139362 or email robert@playground123.com
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