Cemetery upgrade for the future

Article image - Cemetery upgrade for the future Emu Hill Public Cemetery re-development benefits the Narembeen community.

Shire of Narembeen, Western Australia, recently undertook significant re-development works at the Emu Hill Public Cemetery in Narembeen. 

Shire President, Councillor Rhonda Cole, said, “The creation of a visually appealing entry into the Cemetery, reflection areas and an improved meeting area were important design considerations as well as improving the connection between the different elements of the Cemetery site through improved signage and public access areas.  

“The safety, privacy and comfort of visitors was also taken into consideration during the design process.”

Shire of Narembeen recognises the cultural and historical significance of the cemetery and was committed to ensuring it was well preserved and enhanced, in keeping with the natural features and surrounding landscape.

One of the ‘hero’ statements of the project was the replacement of the niche wall (memorial wall).  

Cr Cole said, “The Shire wanted much more than the current old-fashioned plaque on a brick wall that has defined memorials in cemeteries for decades.  

“We wanted to provide a memorial wall that genuinely
played a role for those left behind and for future generations to come.  

“What evolved was a unique wall that provides a place for families to visit, to focus and reflect, a tribute for future generations to come.”
Works undertaken at the Cemetery included:

  • a new entry statement
  • new perimeter fence and gates to improve site and visitor access
  • new niche/memorial wall with reflection area
  • replacement plaques for all memorials in niche wall
  • new landscaping with water tolerant plants
  • resealed roadways/paved pathways
  • new signage, and
  • new carpark.

Shire of Narembeen formed a working group for the project, which included councillors and Council staff as well as two volunteer community members whose input and dedication to the project was very much appreciated.