Beautification begins with Town Square

Article image - Beautification begins with Town Square Councillors Jon Raven and Karen Murphy at Beenleigh Town Square.

Logan City Council, Queensland, has begun the beautification of Beenleigh with a raft of community-inspired projects and a specific focus on public safety with new CCTV cameras set to be installed.

The project is an outcome of the 2017 Beenleigh Summit, hosted to get community feedback on how to best unlock the suburb’s economic and place-making potential.

It includes a bold new look for Beenleigh Town Square as an innovative new shade solution integrated with public art, improves comfort for visitors.

Up to 400 aluminium discs will be suspended above the Square to increase shade cover while adding colour and vibrancy through feature lighting.

Deputy Mayor, Jon Raven said $5 million was allocated to implement a number of projects developed at the summit.

“The community told us loud and clear that increasing shade at Beenleigh Town Square was their top priority which is why it’s one of the first projects we’re delivering.

“We challenged contractors to make the shade solution relevant to Beenleigh, they’ve done this by laser cutting the work of local artists into the discs.

“Creating more shade in the Square will make the space inviting during the day, and by night we can light it up so it becomes the talk of the town.

“The lighting can be programmed to specific themes for events and special occasions which will show off the Square and the artwork in the evening.”

Councillor, Karen Murphy said additional CCTV would be installed in Beenleigh in the coming months to connect into the existing Logan Safety Camera Program, while upgrades were also planned for other Council facilities, including parks, sports clubs and community centres.

The shade solution and streetscape projects are being jointly funded by Council and the Queensland Government’s Unite and Recover funding program.