Waste management in Central Desert

Article image - Waste management in Central Desert Staff attend orientation of the new garbage truck.

Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC), Northern Territory, is working hard to improve the waste management across 282,000sq km of central Australian desert. 

Five new garbage trucks purchased before Christmas 2020, and the creation of four new landfill pits will improve EPA compliance and provide a better service for the 4000 people living in the Local Government Area’s twelve communities. 

One 8 tonne garbage truck is already in use in the community of Atitjere, just over 200 km north-east of Alice Springs. 

Staff from Atitjere received an orientation for the truck in November at Council’s Alice Springs depot before it went out.

General Manager Northern Territory of CJD Equipment (who supplied the trucks), Simon Cameron, was on hand before Christmas to introduce staff to the new trucks and explain the details. 

Council received delivery of all five trucks on schedule before the end of 2020 and put them straight to work.

One of the biggest benefits for Council’s works team is the trucks’ hydraulic extraction mechanism. 

This means no more raking rubbish out of the back of the truck – it can be done with a push of a button.

Willowra, over 330 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs, has received a new landfill pit. Created at the existing landfill site, the pit will meet the community’s needs for the safe disposal of rubbish over the next seven years.

Breaking ground on 29 October, two 25 tonne excavators were used over four days to create the pit, which included creating ‘benches’ around the sides, making it look like a stadium. 

The benches strengthen the sides of the pit making it safer for staff when they are working in the pit.

Council’s Waste and Environmental Manager, Shane Coleman, said, “This is a text-book landfill pit. We’re very happy with it.”