Staff take 84.5 million steps for Safe Work Month

Article image - Staff take 84.5 million steps for Safe Work Month Bushland Maintenance team won the award for the most artistic mascot with its floral ‘Boodja Boot’. Boodjar is the Nyungar word for country.

City of Cockburn, Western Australia, employees stepped up to the challenge of increasing their physical activity during October’s Safe Work Month, completing more than 84,513,051 steps in their inaugural Step Challenge.

The four-week challenge was conducted through the CQ University Australia 10,000 Steps online program, with 284 participants forming 35 enthusiastic teams vying for personal satisfaction, workplace glory and some nifty prizes.

By the end of week one, the 35 teams completed a combined 15,131,074 steps. 

The most single steps in a day by an individual was 126, 362 and the highest team average overall for the four weeks was 488, 997 steps per member.

Human Resources Manager, Cliff McKinley said staff take-up of the program was strong from the outset, and a survey after the event found that more than 95 percent of participants were very satisfied or satisfied with the initiative.

“A real bonus was that more than 20 percent of participants increased their physical activity a great deal and a further 47 percent increased it a lot or moderately.”

He said the online program was user friendly, participants agreeing that registering their steps on the 10,000 Steps phone app and website was simple.

“Apart from the vital mental and physical health benefits, others include meeting new people and having fun with colleagues, increased energy levels and concentration at work mid-afternoon, becoming more productive at work, decreasing chronic disease risk and improved team work dynamics.”

Some of the fun awards on offer included the Kardashian ‘Willing to Do Anything To Get Noticed’ award, the Nat Fyfe ‘I Am Carrying The Whole Team’ award, the ‘Paris Fashion Week’ award (most ridiculous walking attire in a public place) and the ‘No More Stuffing About – We Are Serious’ award (biggest improvement).

Funding for the popular team event came from the City’s Health and Wellness fund, provided via the City’s insurer LGIS, with each participant offered a pedometer and drink bottle.