Staff development aligns with strategic plan

In 2020 Port Augusta City Council, South Australia, developed and launched their human resources (HR) online program My Success@PACC aiming to improve employee’s commitment to Council, provide career planning and aligning employee work plans to strategic goals. 

The program additionally rebranded Council’s HR systems to further embrace online technology and improved internal and external branding.

My Success@PACC incorporates five distinct components.

My Ambition focuses on career succession planning, identifying short and long term career opportunities. It identifies critical roles and critical persons based on skill, knowledge and qualifications.

My Performance provides feedback on the individual’s performance and how it aligns to strategic and operational goals. 

This tool is used for aligning organisational performance to the strategic and operational plans to improve individual effort and performance. 

It is also used as a management tool to track performance and reward good outcomes and realign focus when issues arise.

An outcome from the completion of the My Performance Tool is the development and creation of individual career paths for staff aligned to the strategic Plan objectives, which are captured in the My Development Tool.

My Development and Training tracks individual training and development needs for employees and aligns those needs to training plans and budgets. 

This allows Council to demonstrate an interest in its staff, provide opportunities as they arise and ensure the training budget is planned and utilised effectively.

My Goals links Council’s Strategic Plan and the Operational Plan, and highlights individual effort. 

Council’s goals are posted on the intranet for all staff to access and have clarity on the Organisational key performance indicators and priorities. 

The tool demonstrates Council’s achievement of the strategic
objectives with staff, elected members and the community.

My Say is an employee cultural survey inviting feedback from staff, providing management with opportunities for enhancement and improvement based on the feedback.

The program’s development was a collaborative effort between Management, Human Resources, Media and Communications
and Information Technology.