Bushland reserves improve biodiversity

Article image - Bushland reserves improve biodiversity Council works crew removes noxious weeds from bushland.

Murrindindi Shire Council’s Working for Victoria crews were hard at work in the lead up to Christmas, assisting with improving biodiversity in Council-managed bushland reserves across the shire through vegetation management, weed control, rubbish removal and revegetation.

Through the Working for Victoria initiative, Council had the opportunity to assemble a team of staff to help improve bushland reserves across the Shire. 

Often working in challenging conditions, the teams worked hard to remove over 380 cubic metres of green waste (approx. 135 tons) from these areas, which included about a thousand noxious and environmental woody weed trees (mostly Hawthorn and Prunus trees) and a lot of Montpellier Broom. 

The improvements made to these areas is remarkable! 

Not only do the reserves look great, biodiversity in the reserves was given a kick start by removing competition for water, nutrients and light, allowing native vegetation to thrive.

Maintaining healthy bushland is important because it provides habitat for indigenous plant and animal
species, reduces the effects of climate change through carbon sequestration, provides areas for recreation, tourism and education, contains cultural heritage and supports mental health and wellbeing. 

Greater diversity in an ecosystem means is has a far better chance to adapt to a change in the environment. 

Preserving biodiversity is one of the most important steps that can be taken to combat the effects of climate change.

Working for Victoria is part of the Victorian Government’s Economic Survival Package helping Victorian jobseekers find work and employers find workers.