What is shared data? Why is it important?*

Shared Data works in local communities, because every community is unique, however, one common thread that all communities share is the growing need for Health and Community Services to work with Council, to solve challenges at a local level.

The easiest way to understand shared data is to take a look at the My Community Directory+Diary platforms. 

This data is underpinned by the Community Information Exchange, a platform operated and maintained by Community Information Support Services, a not-for-profit Health Promotion Charity that supports and connects Australians to local community information

Shared data reduces the cost of maintaining an up-to-date platform and means that nobody is doing it by themselves. 

It also delivers productivity, technology, and community benefits with the goal of better connecting services and events to people within their community. 

Shared data platforms work. Currently, 50 local government areas (LGA) are using the Community Information Exchange and connecting through these shared platforms:

My Community Directory - find services, clubs or groups

My Community Diary - local events provided by community organisations

Access My Community app - local contextual information wherever you are, based on your location

All free for ratepayers to use.

Recently, My Community Directory+Diary has been approved as a Local Buy vendor across Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria. 

As a Local Buy vendor, it is easy to procure council membership to the shared platform. 

The cost is based on your LGA population, and allows a sustainable way to provide a shared platform and reduce duplication. 

Council membership includes many features and tools including:

  • network tools to connect interagencies
  • insights and Analytics across your LGA
  • mapping services and providers
  • sharing and communication tools
  • PDF Community Directory - updated nightly
  • Help Desk 8am-7pm Monday to Friday - our friendly team support your community
  • monthly webinars 
  • volunteering portal, and
  • widget integration.

Are you interested in being part of a shared platform? 

Do you need a Community Directory+Diary that is easily maintained? 

Ask for a free demonstration today.

Phone: 1300 762 515
Web: mycommunitydirectory.com.au

*Copy supplied by Community Information Support Services