Historical data management solution*

iArchive provides a new and transformative solution for historical data held in redundant systems.

The iArchive search solution developed by iPLATINUM is now installed at circa 50 councils across Australia and is becoming widely recognised as the smart alternative to migrating legacy data when upgrading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Whilst the focus has been on government departments the solution can add real value to any organisation that has problems accessing and retrieving corporate information residing in redundant legacy systems.

There are many features that make iArchive a compelling solution but it is important to note iArchive is installed as an appliance ‘turnkey’ solution which means there is minimal effort required on behalf of customer staff and the solution can be made operational in months. iPLATINUM take on full responsibility including build, configuration, installation, training and project management.

The value proposition developed by many customers is a pretty simple one, iArchive enables any staff member to find any piece of historical information (security permitting) quickly and efficiently without the need to maintain a costly corporate application to house the data. 

This means redundant legacy systems can be retired once the data is migrated to the iArchive database. 

The user still has an ability to utilise this data using standard reports or where applicable, ad-hoc Google-like queries.

Most importantly all historical information whether it be financial, human resource planning, property and rating, records, assets and more can be accessed via a single user interface with consistent query and reporting options.

Once the iArchive is installed the redundant legacy systems can be decommissioned and the associated costs of maintaining these systems will cease. Most importantly the organisation will no longer have to maintain skills to interrogate the redundant legacy systems. This results in significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

Councils are now also choosing iArchive as an alternative to costly data migration exercises for historical data when carrying out ERP replacement projects. 

This enables considerable cost reduction and better outcomes when historical data across all application areas is maintained in one simple and cost-effective environment.

If desired, iArchive can co-exist within the iFerret interface enabling all information, both historical and current to be accessed via one simple interface. 

iPLATINUM has already developed connectors for many commonly used applications from many vendors.

If you have an interest in improving access to historical data and reducing administration costs whilst improving data governance please contact iPLATINUM for a no obligation demonstration of the iArchive solution.

Ph. 1300 Ferret 

*Copy supplied by iPlatinum