Events boost local economy

Article image - Events boost local economy Broom celebrated the 50th annual Shinju Matsuri Festival (festival of the pearl).

Broome’s normal seasonal tourism calendar has been turned upside down in 2020 – with the local Shire in Western Australia playing a key role in the town’s prosperity.

The usual busy ‘dry season’ started later than usual due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, while the quieter ‘wet season’, which normally begins in October, this year has not yet seen the pace slowed for tourism and hospitality operators.

Shire of Broome Council has recognised the importance of events to stimulate the local economy and as such has invested over $200,000 to help community events and private-sector showcases take place.

This has included the allocation of funding for the 50th annual Shinju Matsuri Festival and the two-day Rhythm & Ride Rodeo – both of which benefitted local businesses and provided attractions for visitors to Broome.

The Shire has hosted its own events, such as the Chinatown Ladies’ Night, and offered activation grants to Chinatown retailers to help boost local businesses and support new customer initiatives in Broome’s central business district.

The Shire has also funded 16 local projects as part of the COVID-19 Community Support Grants Program, with the money being put towards initiatives that foster community spirit, events delivery and economic development.

Broome is looking forward to welcoming a higher than average number of Western Australian visitors to the tropical summer over the Christmas period and is putting the call out for staff to stay on during the wet season.

Tourism remains a major industry in Broome and the Shire continues to partner with Australia’s North West Tourism, Broome Visitor Centre and Broome Chamber of Commerce to value add to local and State efforts to market the Kimberley town to the rest of Western Australia in this unique time of domestic travel.