Council protects data from rising IT attacks

Article image - Council protects data from rising IT attacks Glynn Henderson, CIO, Redland City Council.

Redland City Council, Queensland, has responded to ‘unprecedented’ levels of phishing and ransomware attacks and ensured its ability to rapidly recover in the event of a ransomware attack by turning its backup data into an ‘insurance policy against ransomware’.

Redland City Council with the support of Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management company, has delivered a data-driven strategy designed to gain value from its business information and provide better services to its constituents.

Chief Information Officer, Glynn Henderson, said, “Becoming a data-driven organisation was an absolute priority for us. 

“By using our data effectively, the possibilities are endless – we can improve internal efficiency, deliver strategic benefits, or drive greater economic, community, and environmental value.

“We see our data as an asset. We need to have a cradle-to-the-grave view of it across the organisation so we can use it to make better decisions.”

Under the previous backup solution, approximately half a day each week was spent managing backups, then another half day was often required to troubleshoot failed backups.

Henderson decided to implement Rubrik’s cloud data management system, to ensure the integrity of data and backups and free up his team to work on more innovative projects. 

“Backups are now completely automated. My team doesn’t have to worry about them anymore and can now work on projects that bring more value to the organisation. 

“For example, when COVID-19 struck, we had to quickly ramp up our work-from-home capacity to manage a tripling of our remote workforce. Because we weren’t losing time managing backups, we had more capacity to rapidly scale and refine our remote work capability.”

Henderson said the organisation was witnessing an unprecedented level of ransomware attacks and having Rubrik’s immutable backups and the ability to rapidly restore if an attack was successful, makes him feel a lot more comfortable.

“It’s like an insurance policy against ransomware.”

With data protection and backups now automated, Henderson said the improvements in data integrity had also helped him and his team nurture a culture of data-driven decision making throughout the organisation.

“Across the council, proactive use of data to drive decisions has become the first port of call. 

“Wherever our data is, in whatever form it is, it is at our fingertips when we need it. It’s created excitement in the business, and it all comes back to data integrity.”