Beach access in time for Christmas

Kingston District Council, South Australia, has fast tracked a recommendation from its Maria Creek Sustainable Infrastructure Project Community Focus Group, for a temporary beach access option for the upcoming summer season.

Council acknowledged the contribution of the Community Focus Group. 

Mayor, Kay Rasheed, said, “We will continue to support this group’s progress and continued focus in exploring options for a preferred pathway for the Maria Creek and surrounds.

“As the group continues to assess options contained within a recent concept study as well as additional submissions, we are committed to improving beach access for the upcoming summer season.”

Council has made a $215,000 capital budget variation to facilitate the purchase of a trackway to improve beach access at Johnston Avenue, which will improve usability of the existing concrete ramp for boat launching in Kingston.

“Faun Trackway is a robust and tested aluminium option, suitable for coastal environments and doesn’t interfere with the natural coastal processes.

“There will be an added advantage in this option as it supports shared use of the beach by other users, not just those wanting to launch their boats.”

It is anticipated the new beach access trackway will be in place prior to
Christmas this year.