Unique fundraising effort supports local family

Article image - Unique fundraising effort supports local family The Schmitt family were presented with Esperance Councilís fundraising efforts during an event at the Shire Depot, attended by Lylahís parents, CEO, Shire President, councillors and employees.

Shire of Esperance, Western Australia, has recently raised close to $11,000 towards a customised mobility van for local girl, Lylah Schmitt and her family.

Council’s Construction Team Leader, Rob Schmitt’s daughter, Lylah, has been confined to a wheelchair for most of her young life.

Rob’s family has been seeking assistance for the purchase of a customised mobility van.

Vehicle purchases, such as a mobility van required for transporting Laylah around town to appointments, are not covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and as Esperance does not have a disabled access taxi service, Lylah’s options for outings were limited.

To support the Schmitt family the Human Resources Department facilitated an initiative inviting employees to donate the cash equivalent of their annual leave hours towards the cause.

In a show of community solidarity a total of 22 employees donated 186.6 hours of leave.

Council’s internal Social Club also held two ‘Lunch for Lylah’ fundraising events which raised over $1000, with all ingredients donated by local businesses and employees.

The Bay of Isles Leisure Centre hosted a community open day with more generous donations from local businesses, raising $616.95 for Lylah.

Lylah’s mum, Jaymee Schmitt said it was hard to put into words how thankful the family was.

“The help and support we have received is amazing.”

Esperance Shire President, Ian Mickel said the fundraising effort was a perfect example of what made the Esperance community so special.

“Esperance is great at banding together and lending a hand to a neighbour.

“I think this fundraising initiative was brilliant and I’m very impressed with how the community has gotten behind this cause.”

Chief Executive Officer, Shane Burge said he was very proud of his employees’ generosity.

“The Esperance community has really gotten behind this cause and as members of the community the Shire absolutely wanted to show our support.

“Initiatives like this make me feel truly lucky to live in Esperance.