Multi-dimensional recovery plan

Article image - Multi-dimensional recovery plan Rediscover Bayside is encouraging residents to reconnect with the people, places and experiences they have missed.

It’s been a long COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne and Bayside City Council is working to reconnect residents with everything they love about their city by the bay.

Council has launched a comprehensive campaign – Rediscover Bayside, to foster social, economic and cultural recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bayside Chief Executive Officer, Mick Cummins, said, “Rediscover Bayside supports Council’s multi-dimensional COVID-19 Recovery Plan with a series of phased initiatives to support residents, businesses and community groups.”

Using outdoor signage and decorations, social media, print and electronic communication channels, the campaign will encourage rediscovery of Bayside in the new ‘COVID-normal’.

Expanded outdoor dining and shopping facilities, including sites for mobile vendors on the foreshore and in parks and gardens, will help to boost the local economy and encourage COVID-safe gathering. 

Funded by the Victorian Government’s Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package and assisted by Council permit and fee waivers, the outdoor dining boost will assist the 20 percent of local businesses in the food and beverage sector. 

Rediscover Bayside also includes new artistic activations of vacant shops as well as the annual Christmas Shops on Show and shopping village decoration programs. 

Social media promotion will feature local shopping strips and Council’s Still Open for Business Directory of more than 800 local businesses who have continued to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

A series of small scale, COVID-safe events will
create opportunities for celebration and connection as restrictions allow.

Rediscover Bayside also includes programs to rebuild social connections and promote volunteering and engagement with local sports and community clubs. 

Vulnerable groups and community organisations that have been unable to operate during the pandemic will also be supported by targeted initiatives.